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  • The Box

    The Box


    Parables in movies more than often successfully intrigue more than satisfy general audiences. The Box, Richard Kelly’s third theatrical release was a product of this school of thought to any critic or viewer who walked out of the theaters on November 6th 2009, and so it deserves to be appreciated for not only it’s great extension of Richard Matheson’s short story “Button, Button” but its dedication to answering basic surface questions to attentive viewers while maintaining an air of mystery about its many layered moralistic puzzle boxes and how humanity at large is doomed to remain oblivious of their selfishness from higher powers in the universe.

  • The Last Black Man in San Francisco

    The Last Black Man in San Francisco


    Achingly beautiful. Like some sort of romantic Leigh/Jenkins ode to San Francisco’s changing landscape haunted by its rooted past. Best cinematography of the year? Possibly. Best score of the year? Most definitely!

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  • Logan



    "Bad shit happens to the people I care about"

    "..then I'll be fine"

    A vastly different comic book movie simply because it decides to focus solely on one characters struggle on his past and future choices, Logan is the darkest film in the marvel catalog yet, but it is also one of their best films because of that choice.

    Hugh Jackman brings back that familiarity of a rough and angry mutant that we all know and love, but he also…

  • Unplanned



    A tremendously heartbreaking, earth-shattering, gloriously uplifting film for the ages; no other film in the last couple of decades has been this faith assuring (perhaps maybe the Gods Not Dead trilogy) than this absolute perfect picture of what it means to be pro-life and a perfect cristian in a generation that values only its male fantasies of women’s rights; the real feminist are the writers, directors, producers and stars of this incredible true story  that needs to be seen by…