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  • Spaceship



    Sad this has got such low ratings! It actually has some really heart felt moments, poetic! It’s strange, it’s part document of youth subculture and part social drama and part sci fi and part experimental existential poem!
    Well, not bad, not a perfect description of it!

    It hardly has any effects, the sci fi elements are pretty much all spoken, all concepts, ideas, never fully confirmed to us, it seems to be more about human connection, I found it quite…

  • The Lure

    The Lure


    A film that surprised me, almost every scene introduced a new element, some scenes I personally wanted to continue.
    This is a film with some subtext, in a way it’s meta.
    It’s light, it’s dark, we are vulnerable, we are powerful, we do what we can for love and sometimes suffer for it, sometimes we are triumphant, this film played with me for a while but then felt like it gave up and became just a fairytale at the end,…

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  • How to Talk to Girls at Parties

    How to Talk to Girls at Parties


    This film has some nice moments, but goes along a conventional path!

    It has some ideas that could have been worked on and made more profound and stranger.

    My favourite scene is at the very end, it moved me!

    Some decent acting from the main two, but the writing and direction did not go deep enough to be anything great, at least its a weirder version of this same basic plot thats been repeated for many years!!

    Liked the weirdness,…

  • Violet



    Im tempted to give this 4 stars.
    This movie contradicts much of commercial film.
    There's so much stillness in this movie, its about the moment, its about whats left when we don't fill the moment up with words and ideas and music and fast visuals and deep plot.

    some beautiful visuals, it can be hard to watch as its so still.
    theres one particular shot near the end i love and i want to see the whole movie in part to just see that again!!

    Thank you Violet for being different and out there, a movie that wont rake in the money at the box office!