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  • Parasite



    movies: exist

    korean movies: dont compare yourself to me EVER you are not on my level you never will be on my level do not compare yourself to ME

  • Midsommar



    so when does this fyre festival thing ends and the Movie starts? its so long, boring, and annoying ari aster couldnt write a character if his life depended on it. it should be a crime in filmaking to present a story in such a shallow way. theres absolutely no context or content in this and the only horror or shocking thing about it is the praise its getting.

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  • Into the Wild

    Into the Wild


    privileged white boy acts like an ungrateful brat and runs away from home to live out the rest of his life surviving only on his pretentious ass. because of that, he thinks he is better than everyone else for being a "free spirit" wow look at him he refuses to have a car what an amazing social criticism but what this imbecile doesn't understand is that that is the most bourgeois thing he could ever do, romanticize the life of…

  • Aquarius



    i want clara to hit me in the face