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  • I Like Girls

    I Like Girls


    Fun and sweet insights on discovering one's sexuality.

  • Bei Bei

    Bei Bei


    Upsetting. I was left with more questions and the need for more solutions to all the pregnant women falsely criminalized.

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  • Burning



    The flames are reflected in Jong-su’s eyes just as they are in Ben’s. For Jong-su, it’s a recollection of pain; for Ben, a recollection of joy. Like a burning candle, the film is slow and full of pauses, but it keeps going. Beautiful in its aesthetics. However, I found its buildup to fizzle out quickly and not as excitingly as I hoped for. Still, its mysterious and contemplative.

  • Us



    I’m not sure what to say about this. I was definitely hyped and I could tell everyone else was because the 4pm screening was pretty packed (thank god for assigned recliner seating). I think it’s natural to initially try to compare this to Peele’s directorial debut, but looking at the two as separate entities will avoid unnecessary preconceptions and expectations.

    I won’t say that this scared me as much as I thought it would. I found it to be more…