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  • Morocco
  • London
  • Suspiria
  • The Racket

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  • Adventures of Aladdin

  • 6 Day Bike Rider

  • Parting Shots from Animals

  • About Time

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  • Adventures of Aladdin

    Adventures of Aladdin

    The high fantasy adventures of a large, beautiful man that cannot act, one of my favorite genres

  • A Slit-Mouthed Woman

    A Slit-Mouthed Woman

    Elaborates the legend of the kuchisake onna into something crueler and more hopeless, even reinterpreting her signature question ("Am I pretty?") as a soundalike but misheard cry for help.

    Unlike a lot of other movies about supernatural threats, this one denies the characters any real protective rules or places of refuge. The first couple of children are taken by the slit-mouthed woman in the middle of the day, and in front of one or more witnesses.

Popular reviews

  • The Silenced

    The Silenced

    A surprising anti-imperial revenge fantasy from Korea wrapped in a genre picture about a creepy boarding school.

    A girl with TB named Shizuko--wait, a Japanese name? Yes, one imposed on her by the Japanese empire--is placed at a boarding school for sickly girls. The homogenizing effects of this Japanese cultural assimilation are immediately apparent when she learns that Shizuko, literally "Quiet Child," was also the name of a girl who was suddenly withdrawn from the school by her parents without…

  • Grandpa's Glasses

    Grandpa's Glasses

    The earliest surviving fiction film from Brazil.

    It's a story about a boy who pranks his sleeping grandpa by painting the lenses of his glasses. Grandpa wakes up and just assumes he's gone blind.

    Sadly, not enough of the film still exists to get even that basic story across, but it's still a fascinating glimpse of early 20th century Brazil.