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  • Mulan



    haven't seen this one in at LEAST a decade* so somehow somewhere along the way I completely forgot that it is absolutely one of, if not THE best films to come out of the disney renaissance????? this shit SLAPS!!!!!

    *I genuinely think the last time I watched this was when I was 14 and decided I was going to watch all of the disney movies I had on VHS because at the time it was Very Cool to indulge in…

  • Straight Up

    Straight Up


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    this was.....so fucking insufferable and annoying and I really did not like it! I think I've discovered that one of my pet peeves as a writer is dialogue that tries way too hard to be snappy and quick-witted and like.....overly referential, I guess? like when your characters are practically speaking at 1.5x speed I truly just cannot tolerate that! it's extremely grating!

    regarding the plot......uh......I have a LOT of thoughts, none of which I really feel like sharing because idk…

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