Booksmart ★★★★★

for some reason this time around, every time billie lourd came onscreen and delivered comedy gold on a silver fucking platter (I’m usually not a fan of mixing silver and gold but let’s just roll with it!) I got weirdly emotional, because I kept thinking about how much carrie would’ve fucking loved this film and how incredibly supportive she would’ve been and I just miss her so much! I see SO much of her in billie’s performance and it’s such a bittersweet feeling. SPEAKING of billie’s performance.....THAT deserved a golden globe nom for best supporting actress in a musical or comedy. I think we should have that conversation!

also somehow I forgot how iconic and amazing the you oughta know karaoke scene was? that was something I never knew I needed so badly! OH AND??? OH BABY BY LCD SOUNDSYSTEM???? forgot about that too!!!! GOD this soundtrack is so goddamn fantastic

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