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This review may contain spoilers.

first of all I KNOW I’m late as hell on this one!! big mistake! HUGE!!!

but oh wow, what a moment! this was so perfectly terrifying, like...scary in the BEST way. lupita’s voice as red will probably give me nightmares for the rest of my life (and also will forever make my own throat feel scratchy and sore LMAO)!! jordan peele absolutely delivered with the horror on this one, yet again. I genuinely didn’t see the twist coming at ALL, so that honestly made me enjoy the film that much more. and it had the PERFECT amount of humor!! THE BEACH BOYS PLAYING DURING A MURDER SCENE???? honestly I’m pissed I didn’t come up with that first because it is 1000000% something I would write into one of my screenplays! also, it’s still so funny to me that tim heidecker is in a bunch of “serious” films now, so I can only imagine how much fun he had with these roles.

the worldbuilding was pretty decent, but I think I would’ve liked a bit more clarity regarding the tethered’s like...origin story I guess? to paraphrase something my gf said, I loved the concept, but the execution felt a bit lackluster in certain parts. like for example, if there was an escalator that connected the “real world” and the tethered’s underground dwelling....why was evil adelaide seemingly the first tethered to ever go up there? and yes I know it’s an escalator that only goes down, so it would’ve required a fair amount of effort to go upwards on it, but if the temptation was there, why didn’t any other tethereds ever do the same? like, you would think that that shit would happen all the time! I dunno!!

that being said, if lupita doesn’t collect her second oscar for these roles I will be SO fucking pissed!! we rented this from redbox, so we watched the special features afterwards, and holy shit that one that’s just a compilation of all the unseen footage of her remaining in character between takes???? HELLO?????? CHILLS, ALL THE WAY DOWN MY SPINE...... again like I said, I didn’t see the twist coming whatsoever, so the fact that she was able to portray evil adelaide pretending to be the real adelaide so well is just another testament to her undeniable talent. oh and speaking of incredible performances....I could watch shahadi wright joseph beating the shit out of an evil doppelgänger with a golf club over and over again for hours. she quite literally SNAPPED. and that shot of elisabeth moss crying as she watches evil josh get killed by gabe, and how that crying slowly morphs into hysterical laughter? still gives me chills just thinking about it

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