Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★

Even Dead I'm The Hero..

Maybe I should change my view of Tom Holland as Spider-Man because he really impressed me in this film. I began to love him more in his being that passionate teenage Peter Parker, whose have all those hard feeling, and desire to help others. He excelled at that, and he has proven himself.
As for the actress Zendaya in MG, I actually didn't like her character in the first part, but now she was different, she was wonderful, her chemistry with Tom Holland is also wonderful, I loved that love story ❤️.
The story was entertaining and comedic perfectly, I enjoyed a lot. In addition to the dramatic aspect after losing Tony Stark, and how this thing affected Spider-Man. Tony stark was like a friend and father to him in the same time.
Also not to mention the great actor Jake Gyllenhaal who is a great addition to this film in "Mysterio", he was a strong and intelligent villain and one of the best MCU villains.

All the fun aspects and those great characters, but when I delve deeper into the story, it's nothing more than a fun story. How can Tony Stark give something so dangerous to a little boy without supervision!. 
ok that's not a big deal and I can handle with it, but I couldn't accept this life in this so easily way after the disaster of the endgame. it's far from the endgame. there is like a big void between them.
Not to mention that the story is simple and predictable, but it's interesting and that is good..

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