Dora and the Lost City of Gold ★★½

To be fair, Dora and the Lost City of Gold is not the travesty we all presumed it would be nor is it anything revolutionary, but where the film succeeds is in its undeniably earnest appeal and attempt to capture the cheeky charm and essence of the source material that its based on.

Never is this better exemplified than by Isabela Moner's committed performance in the lead role as well as the indulgently goofy escapades in which she and her co-stars find themselves in and while it can't shake the fact that it's clearly inspired by its superiors, Dora never aspires to be anything more than what it promises on the tin.

One can argue all day about the film's lack of any proficient technical merits - the editing is sloppy, the visuals are inconsistent, etc - but Dora and the Lost City of Goldnever bothers to languish on these issues, instead ensuring that it's as wholesome as it can possibly be for those whom it is clearly made for.

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