Enola Holmes ★★★

Simple, but charming. Fluffy, but wholesome. While it can't be denied that Enola Holmes is lacking in ensuring that it's central mystery remains as compelling the admirable production and stellar ensemble cast surrounding the project, it should be noted that Harry Bradbeer's entry into the iconic and long-running franchise of sleuth films is nonetheless a relatively unique and consistently thrilling adventure propelled by Millie Bobby Brown's fun performance in the lead role - a surprise given how much I didn't care for her initially as an actress - and it's beautiful visuals and sense of fun as opposed to the expected dour and mood associated with the other Sherlock adaptations.

It serves as a welcome platform for Brown to showcase her easy affection for being as charming and cute as possible while delivering heartfelt moments well as well. The likes of Henry Cavill, Helena Bonham Carter, and Sam Claflin are solid as well, even if some of them wind up underused. The main issue holding the project back from truly shining is it's rather lackluster narrative, which is both very simple and padded out with many unnecessary sequences. It's neither bad nor memorable and the necessary components are there, but never too fleshed out. Regardless, the steady blend of thrills and fun does manage to somewhat elevate it a bit as well as the strong visuals throughout.

Also, can we please acknowledge the musical score here? Its a very light, whimsy, and sweet flurry of compositions in itself that brilliantly encompasses everything the film seeks to deliver.

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