Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★★


In a world where individuals crave to stand out and to be different while aspiring to pursue their ambition with relentless desire, Inside Llewyn Davis asks the potent question of whether or not we are truly ready for the sacrifice that comes with it should we fail to succeed in what we set out to do.

As is the case, in reality, Llewyn Davis is a man who gave up everything for the sake of his obsession of becoming a folk singer, but it wasn't until his relative failure that he realized the cost and humane scale that his desire cost him. Not realizing he had a 2-year-old son in the world, having to bring forth an abortion with his ex-wife, trying to salvage his career while simultaneously coming to terms with the fact that he may never recover while moving from home to home with various people.

Like all of us, Llewyn Davis was so caught up in his ambition, that he didn't think for once how this would affect his surroundings and it all came second to his goals. But now, on the cusp of losing all relevance, Davis echoes those who pursue so much without thinking of the long-term solution, and it was that that became his greatest undoing.

Sacrifice breeds success. But if you don't succeed, are you ready to face the consequences?

For me, Inside Llewyn Davis has to be the best movie that centers on someone struggling to uphold their dreams and aspirations because it's rough, and it sure as hell doesn't sugarcoat anything. Like it's melancholic cinematography, Inside Llewyn Davis positions a dream as just that, a dream and nothing more.

Something we all follow and chase behind until the harsh reality of life opens up our eyes and we are left, like Llewyn Davis scrambling to salvage and remember any semblance of those few moments we once had.

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