The Wolf of Wall Street ★★★★★


The Wolf of Wall Street is insanity personified. From the clever and frenetic editing that compliments the film's unrestrained sense of humor and chaos perfectly to the way Scorcese finely details every step of Jordan Belfort's rise and fall as Scorcese always does, The Wolf of Wall Street is a truly over the top and anarchic film, so why doesn't it ever fall flat on its face?

As a film that fully revels in the devious nature of its protagonist and the characters he surrounds himself with, as well as the corrupted and illegal bearings they do, Martin Scorsese nevertheless somehow manages to find a way to make it work, and much of that appraisal can be attributed to his understanding of cinema.

Sure, it can be silly, but it's those moments where Scorsese pauses and acknowledges this such as the several moments where Belfort breaks the fourth wall and the intricacies of such a life a man like this can have that manage to somehow pull you in and make you feel invested in a story that you'd otherwise feel would be utterly repugnant.

I, in no way, think behavior such as this is recommendable nor would I ever indulge in this, but for just those 3 hours, I would not mind being "ONE OF US!"

And a note on the film's glamorization of corruption and drugs and sex and money as a priority. I feel that's an unfair criticism. Because it works. Why? I mean, whose perspective are we supposed to be seeing this from? Ours or Jordan's? It doesn't matter how we feel about what this man did, it just matters how he felt and perceived that.

And you can't deny that Scorsese captured that very well.
The Most Entertaining 3 Hours of My Life

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