Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★

Is this movie fun? Yes, yes it is. Is it smart? Lol. ROFL. LMFAO. Some light spoilers of early scenes follow.

I know most horror requires some major brain shutdowns, but WOOF this requires them.

"The murder occurred when someone punched through a glass door, manhandled an adult male with one hand and stabbed him with the other.

"The top suspect is a hundred pound waif coed."

"Nobody thinks this brilliant, possible mastermind would have manipulated her way in?"

"Nah, just Hulk smash."

Expect more of this.

Sam and Tara are chased out of an alley into a bodega where there are multiple homicides all on CCTV with a dozen live witnesses AS THE KILLER HUNTED THEM.

Friend group: "you are both still suspects. We all are."

And there are so many more of these types of moments. I knew who [x] was the first second [x] appeared on screen, and I'm not even particularly good at this game.

Also, all the messages on virality and manipulation were aggressively silly.

I love y'all, and am glad you enjoyed it so much, but some of you have totally jumped the shark on this one. This is a fun slasher sequel with a mostly likable cast.

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