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  • Babe



    It’s not been since I was maybe a teenager that I last watched Babe. At the peak of my years as an edge-lord, I knew the movie was gonna suck as my mom hit the play button on the VCR. I mean, up until that point, all I wanted to feed myself was anything R rated and filled to the brim with blood, guts and boobs. And Babe, a G rated family film about a Pig’s coming of age, was…

  • The Matrix Resurrections

    The Matrix Resurrections


    Less a sequel, and more an epilogue really. 

    It’s also a big fucking mess. One thankfully littered with small—but thoughtful—fan-pleasing narrative treasures (assuming you give a shit about more than just bullet time and kung fu), The Matrix Resurrection is nothing if not a (sloppily written) love letter to both the characters of its franchise, and the themes in which they operate. Lana Wachowski’s screenplay rage against the machine is a total spit-shout of anti-consumerism, anti-capitalism, anti-binary wrapped in a…

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  • Dave Chappelle: Sticks & Stones

    Dave Chappelle: Sticks & Stones


    Yikes, what a drop. Nevermind that buddy doubles down on the defense of some nasty ass people and some nasty ass viewpoints, but the shit ain't even that funny. Mostly it's just Dave cracking on the "audience" for cancel culture (which, I understand; sometimes it feels like there's no room for redemption), but he picks all the wrong people to prove his point.

    Once we get past the first half, things pick up with some chuckle-worthy anecdotes on gun ownership,…

  • Dave Chappelle: The Bird Revelation

    Dave Chappelle: The Bird Revelation


    "Eveybody gets mad because, I say these jokes. What you gotta understand is this is the best time to say 'em. More now than ever. And I know there's some comedians in the back, motherfuckers you have a resonsibility to speak recklessly...otherwise, my kids may never know what reckless talk sounds like"

    Don't let the intimate setup and smaller venue fool you into thinking this is the cool down; uh-uh. This is Dave heating up to some of the realist…