Jaws ★★★★½

Saw this at the Drive-In. I realized this film is the perfect Covid-19 Film with so many relevant issues.

Spielberg has been on my mind a lot! Watching this, I realized that he balances so many different aspects of his style that he would expand on later on in his career, but I love the scene when they’re drinking wine at the sheriff’s house. These little passing moments with people in your life have come to mean so much to me. They’re the moments few films show, but Spielberg manages to make a blockbuster that touches on these moments several times.

The other scene I was struck by was the torn floaty washing to shore after the shark attack. Such a poetic shot that emphasizes the full impact of someone’s death. Spielberg is such a great filmmaker.

When I was a kid, I loved Spielberg for the tension and suspense, but now that I’m older, I love Jaws for the way it handles loss and tragedy and those passing moments.

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