Annihilation ★★★★★

Can you describe its form?


Fuck. This was absolutely incredible. Spectacular-looking, enthralling, thrilling, totally nuts. Alex Garland’s new film is rock-solid in its storytelling as well as its exploration of this vivid, terrifying world. Annihilation’s visually stunning Shimmer is definitely a *hazardous* place, but Garland, Rob Hardy, and Mark Digby make it so goddamn beautiful. It began to dawn on me, as the third act began, just how different this film was from Garland’s previous film. This is a “journey” narrative, and a damn great one at that. Stripped down, it’s a pretty basic film, but Garland’s eye for detail and visceral filmmaking style make this film rise far above its counterparts. Natalie Portman is the 89th best thing about Annihilation, and that’s only because there’s just too much good shit on display. Salisbury & Barrow provide an utterly transportive score, especially during the climax. The thing that struck me the most about Annihilation is just how entranced I was by the whole affair. It’s a spectacular trip into the unknown, into imagination - into Garland’s and VanderMeer’s. That’s exactly the word that best describes this film, this world: imaginative. Annihilation is one hell of an experience.

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