Bright ★★½

Yknow.... it didn’t suck. 
The highest compliment I can give Bright is that it had somewhat of an interesting structure. The whole one-night conflict thing works pretty well, even if Ayer can’t do anything with it besides provide a ton of cool-looking shots. 
The strength is Vasyanov’s cinematography - besides that this movie is WEAK. I don’t know how much of Landis’ script made it through to this version, but as far as I can tell only the story. It feels very Ayer, but it’s nowhere near his good work. 
It’s frankly a quite boring movie, never kicking into high gear or owning up to all its talk of dark lords and prophecies. For a “twist” involving Will Smith and a magic wand, the movie never delivers a climax worthy of anything. Fuck, Suicide Squad has a better ending. 
Bright is a mediocre movie. Watch it if you’re bored or if you like cool visuals.

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