Dunkirk ★★★★★

This film is about people. People turned into heroes, people from nothing, people who survived. It’s strange to say that merely assisting others, or even just making it out of a situation alive, can be heroic - and that’s not to say that this is exactly the point of Dunkirk - but the heroes of this film are just people doing the right thing. Children, men, fathers. Faced with death, with destruction - fighting for the next man’s life as much as their own. Christopher Nolan has never made a film so deeply rooted in human beings, and this is why Dunkirk is his best film. It is the story of empathy, of bravery, of heroism through the simple act of trying. It’s a technical masterpiece, superior to any IMAX film that’s ever been, thanks to the bitterly cold Hoyte van Hoytema cinematography, which is so wonderfully dynamic that it can put you right in the claustrophobic cockpit of a Spitfire with Farrier and then on the wing of it, just to take in the infinity of the English Channel. Dunkirk is great in IMAX, in standard 70mm film, on Blu-ray. It’s great regardless. It’s the *greatest*, actually. Best Picture material.

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