Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 ★★★★½

“What are you waitin’ for? It’s Christmas - take ‘em to church!”

So it turns out that Iron Man Three is definitely - tied - as being Marvel Studios’ finest lavish production. This is a Shane Black monster, a movie so bent, so forcefully intent on being different than what came before and what has come since. Even with Feige’s obvious resistance here, Black’s skill as a writer shows through. There are times when a “fuck” would’ve just knocked things out of the park for the comedic timing. As it is, Black heavily utilizes the raw talent of Downey, Jr. as a performer. He’s always been a man of timing, of expression, of nuance, and it’s why he carries this twenty-film franchise on his back like it’s nothing - he’s got such swagger and ease when playing Tony Stark. This shit comes naturally to him, and he wears the armor like a glove. At this point, it’s the role of his career (for better and worse), and this is his best outing in the role. 
Ben Kingsley is, always was the secret weapon. He’s too skilled to be some magician with rings who wants to destroy the world - it’s legitimately the best twist in recent memory, to watch the menace of the film become the funniest bit. 
And yet it’s definitive of Iron Man Three. This film subverts every chance it gets. The final act, where what seems like seventy Iron Man suits blow up everything in sight, finds Tony Stark usually without the use of one. Having to be bailed out by his own cleverness or someone else’s. 
And in this case, Tony Stark was bailed out of mediocrity by Shane Black’s. 
This movie is a Christmas miracle.

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