It Comes at Night

It Comes at Night ★★★★★

Mesmerizing and nightmarish. Trey Edward Shults has made the horror film of 2017, one so expertly laced with the only ingredient that matters in these movies: fear. 
The kind of fear that Shults is showcasing here is the one that makes your fucking toes go cold, the kind that will drive people to madness, to atrocities. 
But here’s the thing; and spoilers, I guess. 
Drew Daniels’ *masterful* cinematography changes aspect ratios whenever we are inserted into one of Travis’ dreams - and the entire finale of the film, nothing but human suffering and death is shot in this nightmare of 3.00:1. What. The. Fuck. 
It Comes at Night is one of the most controlling, horrific, relentlessly intense films of 2017. It FUCKS.

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