Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ★★★★★

Captain fuckin’ magic!

Essentially the best film ever made. A riotous, ingenious adventure. I constantly forget how funny this film truly is - the violent mood swings define the film. Schizophrenia as cinema; Shane Black’s characters live in a world of proud cynicism and quick thinking, going from one topic to the next in the dialogue without missing a beat. Robert Downey, Jr. is exceptional, delivering one of the absolute strongest performances of his career. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang works so well as both action and comedy - Shane Black revolutionized the genre into something with more merit than was previously imaginable. Black’s dedication to believeable characters is so important, especially in his films - they operate in a realm of fantasy, of homage, of absolute ridiculousness. The plot is beautifully unbelievable, and that’s why the film works so well. Each wild twist and hilarious new situation finds these characters acknowledging how wild it all is. 
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is an all-timer. 
This isn’t good cop-bad cop. 
This is fag and New Yorker.

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