Logan ★★★★★

Some are born, and some are dyin’ 
It’s alpha and omega 
Kingdom come. 
Logan Noir, a viewing experience that doesn’t truly change this great film aside from making the images inherently more mournful. The whole experience is like a funeral, laden with blood and death. 
Mangold’s film us the polar opposite of what it could’ve been: an exploitative and dumb R-rated film, gruesome and vulgar without any sort of context. 
Instead Logan is a film telling of exhaustion. Logan and Charles have been at this for too long, have seen too much. Logan himself is drawn into this conflict entirely reluctantly; it is always a fight-or-flight scenario for him rather than a giant set piece. Speaking of, there aren’t any in this film - unless you count a car chase that is contained to the area of about a football field. 
Mangold made the right decision in every single way. This is *the* story for Logan, one about legacy, about toll, about the reaper. Faced with definite mortality and non-stop pain. Jackman’s performance channels this all masterfully, with every limp, every slurred word, every hacking cough. 
Mathieson‘s cinematography was never meant to be in monochrome, but Mangold has done a spectacular job of transforming the images. Skies that once seemed restrictive now expand endlessly, blood splatters seem like gore rather than a special effect. The characters here are ghosts of their former selves, just trying to find the sun - and Logan Noir’s visual language communicates this idea perfectly. 
Last ride.

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