Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★½

Bradford Young OOOOOF

Alright honestly tho, the majority of this movie was just lifeless. The droid character (obviously a Lord & Miller creation) brought precious moments to this. BUT
Alden Ehrenreich is absolutely fantastic as Han, one of the best things to come from this Kathy Kennedy Star Wars era. They’d be absolute fools to not make a second Solo story. 
Paul Bettany is delightfully villainous and wonderfully expendable 
There’s a stupid cameo at the end bc they can’t go more than two hours without turning on a lightsaber in this stupid franchise 
Donald Glover is great, duh
Let’s talk about the real heroes here: Lord and Miller and their nonexistent film which would’ve been hilarious, beautiful, unique, and completely fantastic. They could’ve made Star Wars something different, something truly *new* – instead this movie just fffffffffuckin kinda farts around for two hours while Bradford Young just does the absolute most
Whatever, it’s fine, it’s actually kinda g o o d - but dammit we have SEEN THIS BEFORE 

P. S. 
I love widescreen and I hope to someday marry Bradford Young in a beautiful 2.35:1 ceremony

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