The Host ★★★★½

Spooks & Hoops: An Attempt at Hooptober 5 - #18

Modern Hollywood only wishes that it could make a blockbuster that's as good as this. Though considering the social commentary that kind of makes this a modern Godzilla in a way (well, a sort-of-modern one since this is 12 years old, but I was kind of shocked to find out that it's that old since I assumed that it was just a few years old after watching this), I doubt that they'd touch something like this with a 100-foot-pole without butchering it. But even though Steve Buscemi isn't as interesting a monster as Godzilla, this strikes a near-perfect balance of being surprisingly heavy and hilarious to make up for it.

I should not have watched this right after I woke up while being hungry, though.

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