The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★½

“And if I tells ye to pull up and apart every floorboard and clapboard of this here house and scour ‘em down with your bare, bleedin’ knuckles, you’ll do it! And if I tells ye to yank out every single nail from every molderin’ nail-hole and suck off every speck of rust till all them nails sparkle like a sperm whale’s pecker, and then carpenter the whole light station back together from scrap, and then do it all over again, you’ll do it! And by God and by golly, you’ll do it smilin’, lad, ‘cause you’ll like it. You’ll like it ‘cause I says you will!”

Compositionally sublime! I love how the sound design adjoins with the soundtrack in an orchestral fusion, it hypnotizes brilliantly. Eggers is building one hell of a resume. Curious to see if he can maintain his momentum. Potentially my favorite film of 2019, still have a few more to go.

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