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  • Freedom



    So this apparently is the first Chechen narrative film, and it turned out to be a fascinating curiosity.

    Although a debut work, it rarely feels or looks amateurish. Filmed on 35mm, there is no shot wasted, making each scene effective – quite the achievement, considering that there isn't much action in this war film. Sure, the acting is sloppy at times (only one of the actors is a professional), and the characters lack depth, but as a whole, it works…

  • Kupala



    This summer, I've developed a great interest in Belarusian cinema. It came to the point that I watched one or two Belarusian films almost every day. After reaching the milestone of a hundred movies seen, I felt burned out and decided that I had enough. Moreover, the latest news from Belarus offer a lot more excitement, drama, and intensity than any movie ever could.

    My attitude toward the current state of film production in Belarus is mildly enthusiastic at best,…

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  • Amerykan Boy

    Amerykan Boy


    Peak Belarusian cinema

    It has been nine years since my first (and last) visit to Minsk, and this is the only movie that makes me nostalgic for that time.

    Two months ago, I could not name any movies from Belarus aside from "Come and See" and "Crystal Swan". Being hugely disappointed by both, I falsely believed that this country has nothing worthwhile to offer. Glad I was wrong.

    The acting in "American Boy" seemed a bit awkward at first, and…

  • DAU. New Man

    DAU. New Man


    "dau. degeneration" leftovers

    does not work as a standalone film because you have to watch "degeneration" to understand the context of most of the scenes

    still, some of the parts were enjoyable due to character development that most the films in this series lack

    would've worked better if episodes from "new man" were included in an extended cut of "dau. degeneration"