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  • Tenet



    Straight up - FUCK THIS MOVIE!
    If you want a cinema induced migraine - go ahead and buy a ticket.

    I hadn't been inside a movie theater in six months, and my first visit back I'm subjected to this nonsense. I'm glad some people are getting something out of it, I simply do not get it. I watched I'M THINKING OF ENDING THINGS the day before, and that was a walk in the park to parse out as it had…

  • A Hidden Life

    A Hidden Life


    The cinema is essentially my church, and Malick the pastor to deliver one hell of sermon.

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  • Infinite



    Mark Wahlberg is so miscast in this role of a troubled schizophrenic that it derails what is a mediocre movie with some interesting ideas. His narration might be the worst voiceover since Harrison Ford recorded the Blade Runner narration. Wahlberg’s delivery of every single line is just wrong tonally. Someone like Keanu Reeves would bring so much  more to this kind of material. 

    Chiwetel Ejiofor and Jason Mantzoukas know what movie they are in, and are the only reason checking this out.

  • Lisey's Story

    Lisey's Story

    First Two Episodes.

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  • Wanderers



    There's more wonder and creativity in three minute film than in the 3 hours of Interstellar.

  • The Counselor

    The Counselor


    an interesting mess.
    It's as bleak as you'd expect from McCarthy and from a director whose brother killed himself while he was making the movie.
    But the bleakness is not the problem.
    It's that the film feels like monologue porn. Every single character gets a speech. Everyone speaks in parables and methods. It gets frustrating after a while.

    The weakest performance by far was Cameron Diaz. And it's not even her fault - it's Ridley Scott's. Did she really need…