Possession ★★★★

There is power in insanity.

There is power in giving oneself wholly to an unseen and inhuman entity, a force of nature that does not abide by natural law. Carnal desires and rage take over and those left behind are merely a casualty in the war for freedom. The human body suddenly feels so small and fragile. Pain becomes comforting and it's easy to relish in the agony, allowing the warmth of the blood to serve as a reminder of humanity despite how far away it now seems. Unfamiliar with the taste of freedom it is thrilling and arousing to take pleasures in the unknown. The desire to feel something new, anything that isn't a reminder of an old life or those four walls which trapped a family together for too long, is overwhelming and to give in and allow insanity to take over is to take a breath of fresh air. Death is no longer the end and the body is nothing more than a physical burden, a slab of meat to cut up and store for a later day.

There is power in watching the person who consumed so much of the supposed best years of one's life suffer. To mock as they desperately search for answers, an explanation for the vacancy now felt on the left side of the bed. To laugh as they see her face in everyone, and chide as they create a villainous man to violently blame for the loss of their wife. There is power in taking what is his and destroying it, leaving the walls stained with blood and the child soaked in loneliness. It is a sick, twisted fantasy that is fulfilling yet the guilt will find its way into the lungs and the air will be knocked out as the only way to release this sin is with a blood-curdling scream. Physical fights are one way of punishing this disturbing power, bringing pain to the thin layer of skin that separates man and wife, but the pain is only temporary and the satisfaction is eternal.

There is power in destroying the person who has caused the once-beloved home to suffocate bit by bit, wound by wound, watching the blood pour from their self-inflicted damage through the misery caused by the choices his wife has made. The bond shared is strong and one cannot go insane without bringing the other with them. The child is left alone in a bath as his parents destroy each other through abusive wars and shattering screams. As they tear each other apart they slowly accept the madness and secretly admit this new reality is satisfying. The damage is irreversible and the resulting connection is filled with toxicity and abuse. The relationship becomes parasitic, sucking the life out of one another, becoming something new in the process - but what? The humanity was lost, removed by blood and spit and tears, a miscarriage of the soul.

There is power in the unknown, in becoming something new, something greater than human and capable of ungodly things. Give in to the destruction. Bathe in the blood. Prepare for rebirth.

Do all couples go through this?

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