Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

this is a reminder that you should be proud of yourself for even getting through this year. it's obviously been a very difficult time globally and of course, global issues do not even begin to encapsulate the millions of personal struggles and challenges we endure every single year. i know i'm just a random internet person but i am so proud of you for getting through it. you're very strong. you're very brave. i am so sorry for all you have lost and all you have suffered. i hope that things get better. i can't promise that they will. but i really do believe in you, in your strength, in your perseverance and i know that you will get through it all.

so, you made it through 2020, and you've earned a little bit of dancing alone in your room. hope you listen to some of your favourite songs and feel the joy that only music can bring as we welcome the new year. the challenges we face will still be here tomorrow but dammit, we're stronger. we're gonna get through this!!! and we deserve to dance while we do!!!!

i'm not sure how many people will read to this point but if you have, i would really love it if you could comment something good about the year. something you're proud of or a good memory or just something you love that was there for you when everything was hard. i'd love to celebrate those little (or big!) things with you! when things are tough and everyone is tired it's important to me that we still find joy and happiness to continue to motivate ourselves to fight for a better world. so if you want to, please comment!!

love you and wishing you the most amazing new year ever :)

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