Loving Vincent ★★★★

A few months ago I had the unforgettable experience of attending an exhibition of Van Gogh. His most famous paintings weren't there - those are far too precious to leave their secure homes - but instead it was his first sketches, intimate letters, and earliest paintings that were chosen to represent his life. It was beautiful. The work was raw and gritty and emotional and not yet the masterpieces Van Gogh would be known for. It represented work ethic, care, and passion.

Vincent was an artist. It's that simple. He saw beauty in everything and understood the world in a way most of us will never be able to comprehend. He felt deeply, loved fully, and gave himself to his work. And yet because of his passion and his understanding and his sheer genius and, most likely, his mental illness, people didn't give him the love and respect he deserved.

This film does a lot and it should be praised for all it does, but in particular I admired how it serves as a reminder of the impact a person has on this world. Our main character is changed by Van Gogh, and yet they were not friends or enemies or family. It is instead his life, his legacy, and the product of his mind that deeply impacted another person who may have seemed so far away. So never stop working. Never give up. You have no idea the impact you have on people but I promise you, it is greater than you will ever realise.

We will spend the rest of our time on this planet trying to make up for the cruelty Von Gogh endured by loving his work and remembering who he was. We will spend years sharing his story and showing others his famous paintings. We will spend an eternity loving Vincent, and it will never be enough.

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