I Care a Lot ½

this is so incredibly stupid. i’m so sick of netflix making these #girlboss movies and shows. we asked for well written, authentic female characters and they said “how about murderous and psychopathic women with no morals!”

it reminds me of how i was watching Ginny and Georgia with my mom (didn’t really like it but she did) and one the main characters just goes around murdering people but it’s framed as a #girlboss thing?? 

also as a gay woman i don’t care at all that there’s wlw representation here. the characters are awful. when we said “be gay do crime” we meant rebel against the state and the confines of late capitalism! 

Peter Dinklage what are you doing here?! you’re better than this! 

i feel like the writer/director saw Gone Girl and was like...yeah that’s do something similar but make it absolute fucking garbage with a completely undeveloped protagonist! the reason Gone Girl works is cause Amy Dunne is interesting! she’s not a good person but she’s entertaining to watch, and we the audience can sorta understand why she does what she does, even if it’s bad. plus she makes good points about the trauma of performing the male gaze! where as this Marla girl is just like “you either take or be took” i’m sorry what?? that’s so vague and gives zero look into WHY she does what she does. Rosamund Pike this movie is not worth your time. the writer here owes Gillian Flynn an apology. 

anyways this movie is basically the “do you think margaret thatcher had girl power?” clip from the eric andre show.

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