It's a Sin

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

ouch. makes me mourn for all the queer people who were lost. reagan, thatcher...the blood is on your hands! i hope you’re enjoying hell. 

my issues with it are: POC characters are mainly there to support the white ones, too many montages/flash forwards into the future, doesn’t focus enough on the government’s absolute failure to address the issue. the first issue i have is the biggest...Jill is just there to support everyone and be the mom of the group without having her own storyline. Ash is barely developed at all, we don’t get a look into his backstory. Roscoe’s story was interesting and not developed enough. I don’t think Richie was the right choice for the main character. 

also, Colin’s death was very out of the blue. i suppose it showed how anyone could’ve gotten it, but it was just so strange the way they did it. 

overall i enjoyed it despite the issues, but i can definitely see why other’s didn’t; i might be biased cause i’m gay myself. but i’m gonna skip a numerical rating cause i’m too torn up on what to rate it. 

also, good for him for pissing in thatcher’s coffee.

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