Rebecca ★★

i haven’t seen the hitchcock version nor read the novel, but even so i can tell this isn’t great. it’s not horrible, definitely has a lot issues. i thought lily james did what she could here, and armie hammer was just okay i guess? from what i understand he’s just a nepotism child who likely wouldn’t have made it this far without his money and connections. 

not really sure what this was trying to be. a thriller? romance? drama? also was the lesbian subplot that subtle in the book, or was it watered down for this adaptation? 

anyways, entertaining enough once the plot picks up, but nothing special. i haven’t heard of ben wheatley having any well regarded films so i don’t have anything good he’s made to compare this to. also apparently he’s directing the sequel to the meg, which seems like a dumb move for a film that needs a director with experience making action movies. but if barry jenkins can do the lion can sequel then nothing in hollywood surprises me anymore.