Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

when your bestie falls down the alt right pipeline :( 

my favorite star wars film ever so far! the best of the prequels movies. anakin’s long hair is so pretty i love it. wish padmé wasn’t just standing around the entire time and that they gave her more to do. ewan’s acting was a saving grace as usual in this trilogy. 

i can’t believe samuel l jackson’s character was like “i’m about to confront the most powerful sith lord in the galaxy...myself and a few other Jedi should be enough manpower to take him down!” 

kind of an anticlimactic reason why palpatine’s face looks like a ballsack in the original trilogy. 

why did the prequels have every stereotype under the book? jar jar, the guy who owns ani and his mother, the green frog people...very unsubtle and pretty racist at times. yikes.  

overall i like the idea of a trilogy exploring vader’s origin story, just not sure these were executed very well. but i really enjoyed them nonetheless, and screw it, i’m gonna say it: from an entertainment standpoint, i enjoyed them more than the originals. i know they’re weird but the campy unsubtle dialogue and excessive special effects are just so funny to watch. plus its ewan mcgregor!

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