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  • Jackie Brown

    Jackie Brown


    The quintessential hangout film (a term coined & perfected by Tarantino himself). Often too easily dismissed as a failed attempt at blaxploitation, which it isn't, it is not what the critics and audiences were expecting after Pulp Fiction.

    Jackie Brown is the least 'Tarantino' film, but certainly not amongst his worst. It's a very relaxed and comforting film, one that gets better with a rewatch because, ultimately, its charm lies in its fun characters and their casual interactions. With very little…

  • Mother



    Another Bong Joon Ho thriller that delivers on every front; humour, sadness, pain, thrills, and mixes all of those tones seamlessly.

    Although it's a step down from Parasite and Memories of Murder (which speaks a lot more about those 2 films because almost every film is a step down from them), Mother packs the twists and emotional prowess of both, sometimes even more. It is a surprisingly dark film with grounded & realistic dialogues with no lines wasted on needless preaching…

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  • Memories of Murder

    Memories of Murder


    So much content packed in a 2h 12min slow-burn film - a plethora of thrills, humour, depth, dialogue, action, great visuals & dropkicks.
    It is completely enthralling and unpredictable from start to finish.

    Bong Joon-Ho creates an incredible psychological, visual and emotional journey showing the psychological effects of trying to solve a seemingly unsolvable murder case. Hopeless, powerless and consistently sent to dead ends by small semblances of evidence leading to nowhere, they resort to their inner vileness and violence by…

  • Raw



    Pissing, vomiting, deviant college partying, constant sexuality and cannibalism. The only thing that could have made this film edgier is if they added a scene where the main character that used to be shy now menacingly looks herself in the mirror and dances while the edgiest song they could have found about drugs and necrophilia plays. Shit, that actually happens in the film.

    Most of Raw is college teen drama stuff with uninteresting and uninspired dialogues leading to nowhere. It…