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  • The Crow

    The Crow


    Honestly this is probably my favourite movie I'm just far too embarrassed to admit it

  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place


    Lets put a semi constant score into this movie about being silent, the audience will need it to keep interest - some producer knobhead probably. If you need loud bangs that signify nothing apart from telling the audience its time to be scared now you've failed as a film, especially in a film like this where it is setup for you to use noise in an effective manner to scare. Accompaniment to terror can work, some of my favourite spook…

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  • Angst



    Cute story about an ex con adopting a dog

  • The Wolf of Snow Hollow

    The Wolf of Snow Hollow


    Something I wasn't expecting from the director of Thunder Road was unfocused characters, Jim Cummings is obviously talented enough to pull complex characters off but the focus of the film can't decide whether it wants to be a straight horror or a character deconstruction or a family drama, its a bit all over the place but it moves so fast that you get swept up in how fun it all is, honestly one of the funniest horror experiences i've had…