The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★★

i’m really confused??? i don’t even know if i liked it or not. this was such a slow burn and i know thats probably one of complaints about this film. and also you don’t really know when this movie starts or not. also this has a lot of plotlines and characters so i will get confused. i don’t really liked the religion aspect even though its like a huge thing in this movie.
the cast really stuck together. like tom holland, one of the best performances in his career. but actress, mia wasikowska, riley keough and haley bennett really got wasted in this movie. at the end of day, atleast i got my robert pattinson content so it was worth it. also i haven’t been in church in a while but, if robert pattinson is there every week, sign me up 😄👍🏻
edit: nvm i really liked it

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