Little Women ★★★★

Little Women is a lovely film that portrays warmth of every characters heart’s desire, dreams, hope and fears. Driven by an understanding of sisterhood and what it means to want something as an individual. This film is a reminder that love and fear can’t coexist, loneliness and solitude are not the same; that even from pain, joy can rise. All of the March sisters are impressive, little women teaches you to love yourself, live your truth and follow whichever dream is yours.

As Jo March rewrite their story through the eyes of love. She accept that people are imperfect, we must have compassion for their mistakes. Understand that everyone makes mistake and not hold that against them. Sometimes we are focused on the bad thing that happened in our life or anxious what the future holds. We forget that there are a lot of things to be grateful for in the present moment. Every time we wake up in the morning, every warm hug, every chance you get to do what you love and being perfectly loved by our creator is an overflowing blessing. Know that we cannot always have our way or understand everything we are going through but we can fully trust his will and hold his promise that the future is bright and fruitful. Everyday is a chance to make it happen. After all life is too short to hold resentment, fear and anger. At the end of the day we are called to love.

As all these women grieve and love at once, as they grow and change and learn about themselves, they are reminded that they can always return to a home that has been there from the very beginning.