• Souvenir Strip of the Edison Kinetoscope
  • Something Good - Negro Kiss (Alternate Version)
  • London Fire Brigade, Alarm
  • Catching the Ferry in Amsterdam
  • A Woman Surprised
  • The Bridegroom's Dilemma
  • Venice, harbour scene with gondolas
  • Upside Down Boxers
  • The Tarantella, an Italian Dance
  • Street Fight and Arrest
  • S.S.
  • Snowballing the Coasters
  • Panoramic View of the Vegetable Market at Venice
  • Mills from the Zaanstreek
  • Mexican Rurales Charge
  • Me and My Two Friends
  • Maidenhead Junction
  • Lassoing a Steer
  • Irish Mail – L.& N.W. Railway – Taking up Water at Full Speed
  • From War to Peace
  • Flower Parade in Haarlem
  • Fighting the Fire
  • Farmer Kissing the Lean Girl
  • The Fake Beggar
  • Early Fashions on Brighton Pier
  • Dutch Fishing Boats
  • Countryside Near Amsterdam
  • Capuchin Monks in Vatican City
  • California Limited, A.T. & S.F.R.R.
  • The Bridge of Sighs, Venice
  • Boys Bathing: Venice
  • A Blast at the Solvay Quarries
  • Away Aloft
  • The American Biograph in Circus O. Carré
  • Place de la Concorde et entrée de la rue Royale
  • Passage des portiques (École de gymnastique de Joinville)
  • The Parisians
  • Panorama des rives de la Seine N.4
  • Panorama des rives de la Seine, II
  • Panorama des rives de la Seine, I
  • Launch of Surf Boat
  • An Irritable Model
  • Kaiser Wilhelm II. beim Besuche der Vulkan-Werft in Stettin am 4. Mai 1897
  • Jumbo, Horseless Fire-Engine
  • Husking Bee
  • Home Life of a Hungarian Family
  • Hiram Maxim and His Quick-firing Gun
  • The Haverstraw Tunnel





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