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  • Victoria



    Gimmicks can be a lot of fun or just incredibly irritating. In the case of Victoria, which was shot in one long take, I think it makes for an almost endlessly impressive film.

    It’s still very gimmicky and it has been heavily criticized for it by some. But as a fan of heist related stuff, I can’t help but feel admiration for this incredibly dedicated cast. Director Sebastian Schipper and his team of writers utilize the gimmick and the location…

  • Ryan's Daughter

    Ryan's Daughter


    Ryan's Daughter is a harrowing task. Besides the incredibly long running-time, it also carries with it mixed reputation and a tale of failure and disappointment. The production was near hell-ish, the reception from the critics was devastating and it obviously bombed at the box-office resulting in David Lean retiring from directing for 14 years. Now it's been buried under his many other great works, still continuing to be divisive. My curiosity and love for Lean's other work got the best…

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  • Roma



    I think one of the strongest aspects of any art form is it's ability to strip away the mundanity from the mundane, because I'm sure that noone would like to sit down and spend their precious time on reading/watching something that they do everyday. But much like how George Orwell makes working in restaurant kitchens interesting in "Down and Out in Paris and London", Cuarón achieves to show the ordinary in an extraordinary way.

    Roma, in essence, is about the…

  • Lawrence of Arabia

    Lawrence of Arabia


    When I was watching David Lean's "Brief Encounter" one thing that stuck with me the most was, how Lean made a small story, feel epic on an emotional level. This time around I found it to be the exact opposite. I mean it's still very big but the story of T.E. Lawrence isn't so engrossing just because of how he was able to defeat the Turks or the grand battle scenes, but it's because of how fascinating he is as…