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  • Tenet



    i had no idea what was going on for... most of this film and i won't apologise for not even trying to comprehend it; therefor my most salient memory of this viewing experience was a scene where the main woman is wearing stilettos and she starts to walk over old London cobblestones and all i could think was 'bitch watch out'

  • Paradise Hills

    Paradise Hills


    this film feels like a supercut of a much longer film where all the exposition and plot was left out but all the incredibly cringe dialogue was left in. That being said the visuals were absolutely mesmerizing and ambitious and i've always been one for style over substance.

    overall the storytelling is a 0/5 but the capital A Audacity it took to create the visuals of this film is a 5/5; very conflicting.

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  • The Platform

    The Platform


    this film struck such a nerve with me i just cannot articulate how much i loathe it. Just like 'mother' it straddles a line of trying to be a compelling narrative and trying to be a metaphor for 'Society' and completely fails at both.

    it's one of those films where people say they liked it because 'hm it makes you think' but... it doesn't. if you actually think about it for more than 20 seconds the premise completely falls apart…

  • mother!



    This film is like if a middle schooler had to write a book report on the bible, but didn't actually read it, they didn't even look up the spark notes, instead, they just wrote about things they had heard other people say about it and tried to go vague on the details by pretending to be #deep. That is to say, it is the worst fanfiction about mother earth and literal God being trapped in an unhappy marriage I have ever had the misfortune to see, and also for some reason Kristen Wiig is there.