Lamb ★★½

There’s a perpetual sense of dread amidst the forlorn landscapes of the vast Icelandic countryside. Even the vistas of those snow tipped mountains protruding over the sweeping fields where the flock solemnly roam are a constant reminder of this. 

You just can’t hide from those feelings of despair. 

It’s also what makes both the warmth of the parental love on display as well as their impulsive duty of care, no matter how deluded and irrational it may be, almost sympathetic to watch given the context.

Ingvar and Maria call it their happiness.

A sudden absurdity enveloping the incessant grief of days gone by.

It kind of provided me with a sense of understanding regarding their actions which took me off guard. 

Unfortunately my mind just couldn’t explore any of these themes any further because the focal imagery of the lamb child was just so ludicrous that I found myself laughing one too many times to even care about the unexplained melancholy looming over the situation at hand. This was unironically hilarious.

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