Tenet ★★★½

There's a ton of directors that I enjoy more than Christopher Nolan and there's a whole array of films that I think are far better than the majority of his body of work. However, there's not many in either category whether it's a film or whether it's a director that I appreciate more than Nolan and his films. And there's no better testament to that than my theater viewing of Tenet. What a fun fucking ride and what a perfect restart to my post-lockdown cinema campaign. I honestly truly forgot how much I enjoyed the big screen.

This isn't my favourite Nolan by any means and I actually have quite a few qualms with the film. But one thing the film has to it's credit is that it kept me engaged from the very first second to the last. It was at times as messy as Interstellar but the finale was as satisfying as Inception and that's probably the most apt description i can give to the film within the framework of Nolan's filmography - which is probably the best way to describe his films because let's be honest, the dude really does operate in his own sphere. 

It excels as a fun action flick but fails at almost everything beyond that. The apocalyptic angle revolving around a jealous russian oligarch and his annoying wife was a little irritating and I'm totally not a fan of Branagh's performance here. It's also messy as fuck, primarily in the first half of the film. I don't know if it's just the general mixing of the film or whether it was the IMAX sound or even just the cinema I watched this in - but the background audio was drowning out so much expository dialogue (which is honestly half the entire fucking script) that my face was almost permanently in a state of confusion. It's something that I really can't overlook despite the final third of the film rectifying a lot of that.

But even then, the concept of the film itself was a little stale at times albeit audacious. And that audacity definitely pays off for a large part of the film because it's the basis of so many cool scenes. But it just couldn't peak my interest the way Inception did and left me in a state of "this is pretty fucking cool but it's kinda meh, too". I thought both Robert Pattinson and John David Washington were sublime though and all in all, this was definitely needed. I'd recommend this to anyone who's been missing the cinema. Fun stuff but can be a little of a headache. I see why people bash Nolan's writing so much.

Ranked - Christopher Nolan

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