Dial M for Murder

Dial M for Murder ★★★★½

Dial M for Murder is great. The twists and turns from this come from a perfect murder going wrong. It was fun to watch this unravel and weave through each character in each scene. I The long and continuous scenes made this feel like a play, with a few instances breaking this. Those scenes away were great but did lose me (mainly because I thought this would be Rope 2.0). In each of these long scenes especially the opening half an hour, you get a taste of the character, the plan and then later the unexpected sting that ruins it all. The dialogue while very 50’s drives a lot of this movie and is why it’s ultimately great for the most part. The acting is great, and even if there was a small role, it was played perfectly. The way the whole thing came together in the end was great and was a very satisfying finale. For me this movie feels like a mix of Rope and a blueprint/testing ground for Psycho. When you watch the murder scene in this and last half you’ll understand why. It’s fun and twisted.


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