Enola Holmes ★★★

Apart from the many 4th wall breaks, that became tedious and annoying. Enola Holmes provides and interesting plot and dynamic with each character on screen.

The style of this movie is something I quite enjoyed. The whole newspaper, book and scrabble letter sequences were different and unique. I like how the flashbacks were used yet never overused. Each of these elements also helped character arcs of the movie.

Even though Sherlock Holmes played by Henry Cavill has quite a small amount of screen time. He added a great dynamic to the plot and also kept a fun dynamic with Millie Bobby Brown in the scenes they had tougher.

I don’t like how many plot points of events simply come to close, in such a convenient manner. (Mainly the plot with the mother)

This isn’t great in any means. But by a Netflix original standard what else do you expect. At  the end of the day, this is quite interesting and different to the other stuff that’s out there. Check it out.


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