The Witch

The Witch ★★★★

The VVitch isn’t a fun horror film, it was harrowing and quite sad when you think about it. At one point I started to think, this had the same plot as Hereditary in a few ways. This was so effective as it was unnerving, creepy and at sometimes disturbing and weird. I enjoyed the aspect of the catholic family going mad and insane due to supernatural forces. The family breakdown was harrowing to watch but it brought out some insane and messed up moments.. Each performance was great and there wasn’t a flaw in any of them. Anna Taylor Joys performance was so good and captured the sanity of her family’s insanity if that makes sense. Robbert Eggers makes his films haunting period pieces. From the dialogue, set design and costuming, it felt like 16th century England and I loved that in every way. The ending is something I’m so confused and shocked about, I still don’t know the meaning of it. The whole thing is great and very harrowing.


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