Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★★

Scream 6 is superior to its predecessor, which was too focused on table setting the “core four” and squeezing in the original trio. 
What I disliked most was the lack of visceral set pieces that Wes Craven brought. I’m sorry that shower scene with the 13 Reasons Why guy didn’t cut it. I did like the finale though, with that psycho-girl from Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. Overall not much of it resonated with me. Still I didn’t think it was bad and found the new characters interesting enough to want to give them another chance. 

This time around we’re in NYC, which is like a breath of fresh air from the growing staleness of Woodsboro. Though most of it was filmed in NYC stand-in Toronto as well as Montreal, the urban setting brings a whole new level of terror. There are at least two stellar set pieces that make delicious use of the new setting. First the subway scene. It’s practically done in real time. The characters have to get from 96th Street to downtown. The first few stops are agonizingly and terrifyingly felt by the audience and definitely the characters, who are clearly scared as fuck. It’s NYC on Halloween. No one cares or notices that someone’s trying to kill you. 

The next one involves a ladder but I’ll leave it at that. It’s too soon to give away the terror and surprises that are in store. While there are a couple minor quibbles, to discuss them would involve spoilers. As for the ending it was very satisfying, especially since I didn’t guess the killer(s). Misdirection is excellently deployed. As for the opening it’s among the best in the series. 

I might be on a high of seeing this with an enthusiastic audience but this just might be my favorite Scream since the original. Unlike the last one it has made me excited to see what comes next. Cause you know they’re not going to stop anytime soon. Though I can’t imagine what comes next. That’s a good thing.

*if you should comment please no spoilers.

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