Scream ★★★★★

25th Anniversary!

She has her own bubble butt boyfriend Billy.

That entire bathroom scene with the mean girls is hilarious. Scream is an endlessly quotable film written by Kevin Williamson at his peak combined with Wes Craven at his best makes for the iconic film that inspired so many others (they could never quite replicate the magic of Scream, including the sequels of said film).

Justice for Rose McGowan. She’s not mentioned enough for giving such a delightfully spunky sexy and yes bitchy performance. The garage scene is one of the best set pieces. 

What is this I spit on your garage?
Please don’t kill me Mr. Ghost Face. I want to be in the sequel. 

Scream came out during a relatively peaceful time in the United States where the biggest news was in POTUS received fellatio in the Oval Office. Cut to 9/11 a year after Scream 3 and the knowing wink-wink teen horror films gave way to the so-called torture porn era reflecting the mood of the country. 

*I hope we can get a 4K release when Scream 5 opens. The blu ray doesn’t do justice to the cinematography, which is actually quite good.

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