Deep Red

Deep Red ★★★

This is the first giallo film I've seen. Giallo is an Italian subgenre which is basically a mix of crime, thriller and horror. It was popular between 1960-1980.

So a big highlight was the cinematography and the use of music. You don't expect this kind of music to be played at certain moments. But most of the time it worked (it got annoying sometimes). The story was good and we really only know what the main character knows. Some scenes lasted too long which made the 2-hour movie a bit slow.

The denouement was done in a good way, you really suspect the wrong people. Typically for giallo, the murders are very violent (they really show everything) and there is a lot of blood. It's really messed up so be prepared. The acting was ok although it seemed like every character was dubbed.

Despite the great story and cinematography, I'm not encouraged to watch a movie from this subgenre anytime soon. I guess it's not my thing but I might give it another chance in the future because the way they buult up the tension (with music) was very great.